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Online asynchronous training

We primarily offer asynchronous learning in a combination of our eLearning plattform with hands on assignments and live sessions. The training usually spans multiple months. This allows us to offer training which has a much higher impact on the developer, as the learning material has time to sink and can already be applied. In addition we offer ongoing support via chat and video calls during learning as well as during productive development. We can tailor the training to your needs and your team’s level of experience. We offer training in German or English.

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Onsite Training

We offer inhouse training for your team. We can tailor the training to your needs and your team’s level of experience. The training is available in German or English.

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Training Topics

We have some trainings which are already prepared and can be held on short notice. In addition we can prepare a training for your specific needs.

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Knowledge Upload

We strongly believe in learning by doing, hence our hybrid and in-house training offerings.

Sometimes you don’t need to learn a topic that deeply and instead a high-level overview is preferred e.g. for planning reasons, this is where our knowledge upload comes into play. This is information presented at the level of a conference talk or key-note and intends to provide you food for thought and a starting point for your decision process.

We do offer some self service training material, which you can use to learn/skim at your own pace, but which is not accompanied by a coach, does not include any live sessions and usually comes without any exercise material.

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